The number of people entering the plumbing industry in the UK has declined by 4.19 per cent over the past 16 years. There are many reasons for this decline, including a lack of marketing of the profession to younger people and not enough focus on innovation that might inspire interest in those looking for a new career.

To target this decline by boosting interest and making plumbing tasks easier for current plumbers, there are new plumbing apps available. These plumbing tools guarantee better results and bring the industry into the digital age.

Read on to learn about the best plumbing apps available today.

Best Plumbing Apps in 2022: 


Clipfix is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that allows you to resolve plumbing issues for clients via video call technology. 

Whether you are a contractor with numerous plumbers who work for you or a self-employed plumber yourself who wants to maximise productivity, Clipfix lets you fix your customer’s plumbing issues remotely. As a result, you can help your client take care of their plumbing concerns from wherever you are.

For homeowners, too, this app is beneficial. Instead of waiting for a plumber, they can get the guidance they need to resolve the problem themselves.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level is a free app for Android and iOS that transforms your phone into a level. Because of its practical calibration capabilities, plumbers can work around slopes and sharp angles with ease.

Bubble Level offers calibration instructions for new users, and it provides lighting effects and woodgrain to make the user experience better.



Fergus is one of the least well-known plumbing applications available but worth considering. It helps plumbers keep track of jobs, from quotes to payments. Fergus also allows you to manage your team while letting each individual manage their tasks.

Another benefit Fergus offers is gaining insights into which jobs will be more lucrative by providing expected profit margins.

Plumbing Formulator

Plumbers use many equations to identify the right pipe sizes, water flow levels, and more. Plumbing Formulator provides more than 120 formulas you can check right on the app.

The formulas you use most will be displayed prominently on the app, and you can also email and print specific formulas for future use.

BTU Calculator

BTU Calculator allows a plumber to choose the size of radiator best suited for a particular room.

You have to input the room’s dimensions into the app and add some other information like wall and flooring types.

Make Your Job Easier With Apps

Plumbing apps can help you or your team of plumbers work efficiently. They can allow you to perform accurate calculations in seconds and keep track of your jobs and the expected profits. These apps are poised to propel the plumbing industry forward.

When you turn to Clipfix, you can offer your clients the guidance they need to fix their plumbing issues without travelling to them. So increase your productivity and client satisfaction by contacting us today!