It’s no fun when your plumbing systems stop working. It can leave you stressed and struggling to figure out how to put a stop to your plumbing emergency and keep your home functioning.

Most people choose to hire a plumber to fix their plumbing problems. However, how do expectations align with reality when hiring a plumber?

Our team is here to break down the reality of hiring a plumber and what advantages they bring to the table. 


You might not think it should cost a lot of money for a quick, 15-minute fix. However, you never know when a small job could result in a bill for hundreds of pounds in the world of plumbing!

Hiring a modern plumber through a service like Clipfix can be a great way to get you a low-cost plumber for just £20. They can help you get the job done with low fees and expert use of technology.


You might shy away from hiring a plumber because you anticipate the plumber taking hours to show up, especially during an emergency call out. However, the reality is that most plumbers can get to your home in less than 24 hours, getting your situation cleared up quickly!

What’s more, most professional plumbers have special tools and automation systems in place to help them get the job done in just one visit.


When you hire a plumber, they usually come in, complete the work, and leave, right? Wrong!

Most plumbers are more than happy to offer advice to clients. They’ll leave you with tips and tricks for keeping your plumbing systems working correctly and saving money on future repairs. 


There’s a common misconception that the plumbing industry is old-fashioned and doesn’t involve any form of technology. However, that’s not true at all!

With the advancement of technology, you no longer have to rely on a plumber to fix your plumbing emergency. Using solutions like Clipfix, you can now have a professional plumber at your fingertips. Here it allows you to use a video call system to put you in touch with the perfect plumber. This makes it easier to get your plumbing problems diagnosed and taken care of immediately.

Get Your Plumbing Systems Whipped Into Shape

Overall, working with a plumber can meet or exceed your expectations. However, not all plumbing emergencies require a plumber to attend to your property. Having an app like Clipfix can get you in touch with a virtual plumber in minutes. 

If you’re ready to connect with a plumber you can count on, get in touch with Clipfix today. We’ll help you with your plumbing emergency to help keep your home operational.