Video Testimonials & Reviews

Clipfix is solving problems for many people in a matter of minutes, that would normally take days to book in a call-out or huge costs for an emergency plumber. 10 minutes on a video call with Clipfix can save you so much time, hassle and cost – this is the future of plumbing solutions!

Have a look below at some recent video reviews of very happy customers that have used Clipfix to fix an emergency issue, and will now never look back!

No heating or hot water? 🥶 No worries, Clipfix is here to help.

Clipfix helped diagnose a boiler fault for one of its users. During the cold winter months, they ran out of heating and hot water, but our expert engineer was able to examine, diagnose and fix the problem for just £20.

Excellent feedback from one of our customers!

From a miserable dripping shower head to a full-blown angry burst pipe, Clipfix is here to help.

For just £20, you can speak to a qualified plumber for 15 minutes via a live video call from your mobile device. They can advise you on fixing the problem yourself.

Need help with your broken boiler?

Clipfix helped this customer with his broken boiler over the weekend to help keep his family nice and warm.

He was so happy with the service that he left us this awesome review!

Clipfix fixed a leaking tap within minutes!

This customer had such a great experience first time round with Clipfix, he came back the very next time there was an issue at home, this time with a leaking tap and of course did not want to call out an emergency plumber for an unnecessary high cost, so he called Clipfix again!

Within minutes Clipfix had his leaked stopped and tap running smoothly again all on a video call!

How To Get Professional Plumbing Advice For Just £20

Another 5 Star Review For Clipfix
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Yesterday, we received a call from a customer looking for some professional advice from a plumber. He wanted to check some works carried out at his property by another tradesman.

Using our video call solution, the customer was able to get some professional advice and we helped him identify a few plumbing issues that needed addressing.

Our customer was delighted with the service as he was able to get these rectified before settling the second part of the invoice.

Plumbing Issue Fixed In Record Timing With Clipfix!

Check out this awesome video where we helped our customer fix her plumbing issue in record timing (and for just a £20 charge on the weekend!)

This customer had an emergency plumbing job that needed fixing. Her toilet was leaking, which was also starting to cause water damage to the floor. In just one minute of being on a video call with our engineer, we helped guide her to stop the leak, allowing her to get on with her Saturday afternoon.

A 5-star review for Clipfix and our plumbing and heating partner, Brookhouse Gas!

A 5-star review for Clipfix and our plumbing and heating partner, Brookhouse Gas!

Last year we were very excited to introduce Brookhouse Gas as one of our vetted plumbing and heating companies.

This month we have even more exciting news!

One of their loyal customers has used Clipfix to help fix their plumbing and heating issues, and they loved every minute of their experience. Check out the video of what they had to say.

With our video call technology, plumbers have all the tools they need to become virtual plumbers, so start saving time and money today.

Welcome Brookhouse Gas Plumbing & Heating To Clipfix!

We are very excited to welcome Brookhouse Gas to our list of vetted plumbing and heating companies.

Brookhouse Gas specialise in the installation, service and repair of gas and oil boilers, fires, warm air units, cookers and water heaters including landlords gas safety certificates.

They were looking for a solution that could assist them significantly in helping more customers at a fraction of the time and cost, so they have decided to join our team at Clipfix.

With our video call technology, plumbers have all the tools they need to become virtual plumbers, so start saving time and money today.

Bleeding A Towel Rail Fixed In 1 Clipfix Call

This towel rail was not heating up and required bleeding. The customer called Clipfix and in 11 minutes, the engineer had diagnosed the problem, showed the customer how to fix it and what to do, and stayed on the call while it was being done to make sure there were no other issues. 11 minutes! Certainly beats booking a callout, paying an hour, and waiting half a day for him to turn up. Clipfix strikes again!