We’ve all been there: taking the day off work to wait in for the plumber and forking out a hefting fee, only to find out it was a quick fix you could have done yourself – if you only knew how.

If this sounds familiar, then a virtual plumber can help. You can book a virtual slot with a qualified, vetted plumber and receive professional plumbing advice for just £20. 

The past year has seen a rise in video communication, and now plumbing advice is also at your fingertips. 

Keep reading to find out more about virtual plumbing and how it can save you time and money!

What Is a Virtual Plumber

A virtual plumber is a vetted professional plumber you can set up a video call quickly and easily using a video call app such as Clipfix.

You show the plumber your issue, and they will advise you on the best course of action. Often, this means carrying out some DIY and fixing the problem yourself. If it’s more serious, your plumber will advise you to call out a professional. 

Save Your Time

A virtual plumber is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to wait at home all day or have to take a day off work. 

You can book a time slot or just make the video call there and then and know that your plumber won’t be late due to traffic or an over-running job. 

This flexibility means you can get on with your day. A video call lasts for 15 minutes, and this is usually all the time you need to get the problem sorted! 

Learn Some DIY

Did you know that you can often fix a running toilet yourself by spending just £5 on parts?

By using a virtual plumber, you will be interacting with a plumber with years of experience. With their expert knowledge, you can fix a problem yourself with confidence. This is great for those who are happy to get their hands a little dirty and learn a new skill!

With Clipfix, you can access your call history and read your plumber report. This means that if the same issue crops up again, you’ll be able to act confidently to fix the problem yourself. 

Save Money

Calling a virtual plumber can save you hundreds of pounds!

Appointments with Clipfix are a flat rate of just £20. Up to 60% of the time the plumbing problem can be fixed through the call. This means you avoid an expensive call-out fee!

Your professional plumber will offer you impartial advice on any follow-up work you need. They will advise how much the required work will cost to be sure you are being charged the right amount when you contact a plumber. 

Save the Environment 

A bonus of a virtual plumber is that you will also be saving on your carbon footprint as you won’t be calling out a plumber to your home!

Looking to Chat to a Virtual Plumber?

Now you know how a virtual plumber can save you time and money, check out Clipfix to make a video call!