The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) states that flooding causes £1.3 billion worth of damage every year in the UK.

This is a sobering statistic. But what does it cost to fix water damage?

Water can affect several areas of a flooded house. Multiple repairs are usually needed.

And water damage restoration can span several trades. A flood can affect your plumbing, electric, gas, flooring and building structure. Not to mention your possessions.

Our guide will help you understand what the average cost could be.

What Types of Damage Can a Flooded House Cause?

Once the initial flood has subsided, this is when the damage becomes clear. It is also when tenants are likely to claim for restoration costs.

Plaster and brickwork can retain moisture. Plaster may crack as it dries out. Your brickwork can swell. It could crumble, break or stay wet until mould develops.

You may need to rent dehumidifiers. And if you have a flooded basement, you will need to pay to pump the water out.

Repair work can require dry-wall inspection by a professional. You will have to replace your wallpaper and treat any mould which has developed.

Water could have damaged your electric wiring. The longer the water stayed inside, the worse it could be. You will need an electrician to assess the damage and repair it.

Plumbing in your property could also have taken a hit. Your mains should be ok. But toilets, bathrooms and boilers may need an inspection by an emergency plumber

And don’t forget your carpets, flooring and the contents of your rooms.

What Is the Average Cost to Fix Water Damage?

In 2020, storms Ciara and Dennis hit the UK, causing widespread flooding. 

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said water damage restoration claims were around £32,000 for each property.

Paying for this level of home repair is a bitter thought.

You or your tenants may need a temporary place to stay while the pros repair your property. This will increase the cost of most insurance claims.

But it’s not just major external floods that can cause a flooded house. 

According to ABI, escape of water damage is one of the most common home insurance claims in the UK. This could come from a burst pipe, leaking drainage or even one of your appliances. 

Aviva, the insurance company backs this up. They receive around 24,000 escape of water claims a year. The average cost is £3,600. Not cheap.

Internal flooding can cause greater damage to your property. For example, if the leak was upstairs, you may need to replace your ceiling.

Freezing temperatures boost the risk of a burst pipe. When winter is coming, it is important to check everything is in safe shape.

You Can Fix It All With a Video Call

Homeowners, Insurance Companies, landlords and housing associations can find it complicated to fix water damage. And handling claims makes things worse.

It can be unclear where your duty ends and the tenant’s duty begins. And fraudulent claims are more common than you might think. But there is an easier option. Clipfix can help solve your plumbing and heating issues via video call. 

We can help prevent your properties from being damaged by the costly escape of water damages and help with other kinds of plumbing problems. 

We are available 24 hours a day and via your mobile device, so if you’re looking to save costs and prevent costly damages from occurring, why not use our service today.