Video calls allow our highly-qualified plumbers to quickly and conveniently examine problems, provide diagnoses, make recommendations and advise on general up-keep. Plumbers working with Clipfix are able to fix most urgent situations, providing immediate instructions to help you feel confident with your home maintenance. Your plumber will write a report and send photos of the issue, which you can give to a local tradesman if necessary.

Below we have listed some of the most common problems which prompt people to seek advice from a plumber. If your problem is not listed please do not worry, the highly qualified plumbers working with Clipfix have experience in fixing a wide variety of issues and will still be able to give you advice about your problem.

Dripping taps, radiators not working, toilet not flushing


More often than not slow draining sink or basin has a localised blockage, which can be found in the u-bend or trap.  This is very easy for a Clipfix plumber to guide you via video, through the steps of fixing it yourself. You’ll be really pleased with yourself afterwards!

Dripping taps, radiators not working, toilet not flushing


Over time, the boiler pressure in the central heating system will drop, and in some instances this will stop the boiler from firing up.  Our Clipfix plumbers can easily show you how to repressurise your central heating system, and also explain how to bleed the radiators.  All you need is a radiator vent key.

Dripping taps, radiators not working, toilet not flushing


A slow leak is not only a waste of water but can cause a lot of damage over time.  It’s really important to fix it as soon as you can.  We can show you how to tighten fittings, joints, grub screws and packing glands.  All you’ll need is some basic spanners to carry out this work.

Dripping taps, radiators not working, toilet not flushing


Heating controls can be a minefield, and they all work slightly differently.  With our knowledge of the majority of them, we can help you set them up properly, so your house is warm when you want it to be, and you don’t waste any energy, helping you do your bit for the environment.

Dripping taps, radiators not working, toilet not flushing


There is nothing more annoying than a radiator that does not heat up properly.  However, often it is an easy fix that our Clipfix plumbers can help you with, whether it be bleeding it, opening the valves, and releasing a stuck TRV pin, we’re here to help.

Dripping taps, radiators not working, toilet not flushing


When the toilet doesn’t flush, you don’t know where to turn.  Clipfix plumbers can help you raise the water level, or look inside the cistern to see what the problem is.  Replacing flush valves can be adaunting task, but with our professional help, it really is much easier.

Get peace of mind: It is very common to be unsure whether or not you need to speak to a plumber. There will be times when your Clipfix plumber will not be able to diagnose your issue using video. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Plumbers working with Clipfix are always able to discuss your plumbing issues, assess the urgency of your problem and try to help you fix it on the video call wherever possible.


Whilst Clipfix plumbers are able to use video to solve most common plumbing problems in the home, there are times when it is necessary to call out an emergency plumber for health & safety, and complicated issues.
Having called an emergency plumber, in some situations you can still use Clipfix to mitigate the damage if safe to do so.
If you are experiencing any of the following we recommend you seek an immediate emergency plumber call out:

Danger to Life & Limb

Gas Work

Electrical Work



Roof Work