DIY and home improvement projects are on the rise. However, 80% of homeowners revealed in a recent study that they faced a major or minor mistake when they tackled the project themselves.

Virtual plumbing is changing the way homeowners view their ability to tackle basic plumbing jobs.

Having a virtual plumber by your side boosts your confidence and prevents you from making any costly mistakes.

Need to learn more? Find out what virtual plumbing is and how it can help you fix a basic problem in minutes rather than waiting days or even weeks for a call out.

What Is a Virtual Plumber?

A virtual plumber is a professionally qualified tradesperson who is certified and knowledgeable. When you hire one, they can walk you through basic plumbing jobs via a phone or video call.

Here is a list of some of the problems a virtual plumber can help you with:

  • Blocked sink
  • Toilet that won’t flush
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Taps or pipes that are dripping
  • Radiators that are not working
  • Help with your heating system controls

When you tackle a plumbing job yourself, you may have doubts about whether you did it correctly. The last thing you want is to make things worse or create a new problem.

What better way to get reassurance than getting the approval of a certified plumber who has walked you through how to fix it in real-time.

Accessing a virtual plumber is an easy process and it is done through an app on your phone. Once you download the app, you have access to a qualified professional in minutes.

Virtual Plumbing Appointments

The growth in DIY projects has seen a steady rise since the pandemic as homeowners decide to tackle projects they had put off doing.

DIY repairs and projects need planning and a quiet time so you are free from distractions.

Scheduling a virtual plumbing appointment is an option to consider as you can decide what time suits you best.

Virtual plumbing calls minimise unnecessary contact. By hiring a virtual plumber you will only need to have a tradesperson in your house if it is deemed necessary.

If the virtual plumber decides that you need further help, he will put together a report and photos for a local tradesperson to follow.

Having virtual expertise prevents you from waiting days or weeks for a plumber to call to your house to fix a problem you can do yourself with some virtual plumbing help.

Find a Virtual Plumber in Minutes

Clipfix is an app that can connect you to a vetted virtual plumber in minutes. There is peace of mind knowing that you have expert help at the touch of a screen all year round.

You also have the option to pay as you go, only £20 per call, and can connect to a plumber instantly which will save money on costly call outs and help avoid wasted time.

If you are a person who would like to do basic plumbing jobs around your house or need some friendly advice, then hiring a virtual plumber from Clipfix is the perfect next step. In just a few minutes, you will have expert help by your side guiding you.