In this informative blog, you will find out how to cover your boiler with the advice given by the professional plumbing experts at Clipfix on how to find the best boiler cover that suits your budget and needs.


How to best cover your boiler

Winter is coming and none of us wants to be caught off-guard with a faulty boiler when we need it most. So for this reason, you may be wondering if you should invest in a boiler cover and how to find the best cover for you. Here at Clipfix, we are dedicated to helping our customers as much as possible which is why we have asked our team of experts for their advice on finding the best boiler cover.


Do I need boiler cover?

We recommend boiler cover for peace of mind. Boilers can break down at any given moment, especially when you are using them a lot and relying on them the most. Boiler cover ensures that a repair or replacement can be carried out as soon as possible without you having to pay for expensive repairs. By shopping around, you’ll be able to find a boiler cover cheap enough that would save you significant funds in the long term. 


Choose the cover that suits you

To find the best boiler insurance, do your research as there are different types out there. You may find that a basic cover is enough for you, especially if you are looking to save money. This typically only covers your boiler if it breaks down or has a fault and some can include free or discounted servicing, which we recommend you get done at least once a year. They may even replace your boiler for free but check the terms and conditions first.

If you want a more comprehensive policy, you may opt for boiler insurance that also includes central heating cover. This means that your radiators, flue and pumps are also protected against faults. This can be more cost-effective and offers more peace of mind. Other policies may even also include wiring and electrical issues as well, but of course, they will cost more.

Shop around and consider the condition of your boiler and the rest of your central heating system before you decide if the peace of mind and potential savings are worth it.


Things to consider

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind when trying to find the best boiler cover for you:

  • If your boiler is still under warranty, you don’t need boiler cover.
  • Most don’t, but check first if your home insurance includes boiler cover. You may be able to add this to your home insurance as an extra.
  • Some policies won’t cover your boiler if it is over a certain age.
  • You may need to pay excess on repairs and replacements depending on your policy.
  • You may save money on boiler cover by paying for boiler insurance annually instead of monthly.