Are you struggling to find ways to improve your response time without increasing costs? It might be time to find a technological solution.

When your tenants or clients need a plumbing & heating technician, they may need someone quickly. 

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reveals that the cost of domestic escape water claims has jumped by 31 per cent.

Maintaining a high level of customer service during times of increasing demand can be a problem. 

Finding technological solutions that fit your business model is important. 

Here’s a low-cost solution that can help you save time and money on plumbing & heating services.

It’s Easy to Get Started With Clipfix

The customer downloads an easy-to-use app. They create a secure account and register with some very basic information.

Once they are set up they are able to make a video call. They connect with a reliable, experienced plumber who is able to assist them with their problem.

The app allows the plumber to see the problem and the customer can take images. The plumber prepares a report and makes a recommendation.

Customers are able to rate their experience and view their history through the app.

Stand Out in Your Industry With This Leading Edge Solution

More and more companies are shifting to using technology. This is a trend that customers are embracing. 

As a property manager or a landlord, you could use this technology to support your tenants in a timely manner. The plumber is able to report to the letting agent, the landlord, and the tenant in real-time.

Insurance companies can reduce overall claim costs by using this app to reduce tradesmen visits whilst also saving thousands on costly or fraudulent water damage claims.

Improved Response Time For Plumbing & Heating Calls

When your plumbing & heating technician can call tenants directly, it reduces their travel time.

Your customer will appreciate receiving a prompt response. They won’t have to spend the whole day waiting for a tradesman to arrive.

Triage Your Calls This Low-Cost Way

Often a plumbing & heating technician would respond to a call only to find a minor repair. These repairs can now be diagnosed using our easy-to-use video system instead.

Customers are often able to make the repair with the support of the technician.

When a major repair is diagnosed, the technician is able to assist the customer right away. They can help them take steps to mitigate damage until they are able to get there.

The technician knows the problem they are facing in advance. They will be sure to bring the exact parts that they need to make the repair.

Use Qualified and Vetted Tradesmen

When your customer needs a plumber, it’s usually an emergency. Clipfix allows them to get a response right away from a qualified tradesman who can answer the video call. 

They report directly to you and the customer in real-time. 

Video Calls Support Quicky Service

We use a video call because images give technicians the information they need to assess the situation quickly. Your response time will improve.

Customers will be more satisfied with your quicky service when they connect with a plumber this way. Save money with this time-saving solution.

Looking For A Way To Upgrade Your Business? 

Clipfix is a low-cost solution to advance your business and support your customers. Your quick service will make you stand out in your industry.

Customers will love your convenient plumbing & heating services – Want to find out more? Contact us today.