Social media is full of disgruntled plumbers who have had to deal with non-paying customers. The sad truth is, it doesn’t matter how professionally you do your job or how high-quality the service you provide. Some customers will argue about every penny.

If your plumbing business has recently come across this issue, you may be wondering how to deal with it. Take a look below for some tips on how to handle non-paying customers.

1. Don’t Pressure Customers

Part of the job is selling plumbing services, but pushing any sale can have consequences.

If a customer feels pressured into hiring you or regrets asking you to do the job, you may end up with a fight on your hands. To avoid a customer becoming a non-payer, avoid pushing sales.

If you feel like you need to push to secure a sale, it’s a good indication that the customer isn’t sure about hiring you.

2. Avoid Negotiators

The service you’re providing should be the most important aspect of your transaction with a customer.

If your customer is trying to handle payments by negotiating the price with you, be wary. Everyone wants a good deal, but your prices are set for a reason.

3. Always Get a Signed Contract

Contracts are there to protect both the service provider and the customer.

It can seem like a lot of effort for nothing when you’re drafting a contract for a customer, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure you get paid every time. If a customer refuses to sign a contract, don’t start the work.

4. Clipfix

If you haven’t come across the Clipfix app yet, now is a great time to take a look. It’s ideal for both plumbers and customers alike. You can respond to queries through video calls, saving yourself time and money on call-outs for minor problems.

You can also receive instant payment from the app, so you don’t have to worry about non-paying customers. Whether you’re a plumbing company or an individual plumber, Clipfix is for you.

5. Cover Yourself

To avoid false accusations, it’s wise to take photos of the job you’re doing, as you’re doing it.

If anything changes with the details of your contract as you’re working, it’s important to get a new signature for the changes made. If you work for an employer, always communicate what you’re doing on each job.

Keeping Your Plumbing Business Safe

Clipfix is an excellent way to keep your plumbing business safe from non-paying customers. All of the transactions are done through the app, so there’s not only evidence of the service you have provided, but your money is also safe with Clipfix acting as a third party.

Why not take a browse through the website and find out more about how to start using the app so you can feel more secure in your business?