Who is responsible for a leaking tap or a busted water heater? Is it the landlord or the tenant? 

It’s a common question, but one that many can’t agree on.

As a landlord, it’s important to know what your plumbing and heating responsibilities are from the outset. This will help you avoid conflict with your tenant and maintain a safe, high-quality property. 

Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities for landlords, as well as the most affordable option for your heating and plumbing repairs. 

Emergency Repairs 

As soon as they find a plumbing emergency, your tenant should contact you immediately. But what’s considered a plumbing emergency, and what are your responsibilities as a landlord? 

A plumbing emergency includes: 

  • Broken water heater 
  • Burst pipes 
  • Overflowing or blocked toilet or sink 
  • Major leaks 
  • Flooding 

As a landlord, these are repairs that are your responsibility as long as they haven’t been caused by your tenant. 

After your tenant has alerted you to a major plumbing issue, it is up to you to deal with the issue. Contact a qualified plumber as soon as possible.  

Non-Emergency Repairs

Sometimes a tenant will contact you about a plumbing or heating issue that they consider an emergency, but in fact, it’s not. It can be difficult to know what a non-emergency repair is, but it’s important that as a landlord you know the difference. 

Non-emergency problems include: 

  • Blocked drains 
  • Leaking taps 
  • Broken tap 

As a rule of thumb, any issue that does not need to be fixed in the next 24 hours is a non-urgent repair. 

A tenant can’t book repairs if the issue is not urgent, but they can request a repair by contacting their landlord. Remember, if the tenant caused the issue, it is not your responsibility to make repairs. 

It’s best to make sure your tenancy agreement is clear about the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant. 

Affordable Repair Solution   

Hiring the right person to check on plumbing issues can be tricky and expensive. If it’s an emergency, you want a plumber fast. 

What if there was a faster and easier way to see a plumber? 

That’s where Clipfix comes in. Clipfix wants to remove the hassle and provide a high-quality plumbing service with just the click of an app

After signing up to the Clipfix app, you can chat to a plumber via video in just minutes. During a live video, you can show the issue and the plumber will give you advice on how to fix it. 

They can help you with: 

  • Blocked sinks
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Dripping taps and pipes
  • Control settings
  • Radiators 
  • Blocked toilets

From fixing heating systems to fixing apartment plumbing, try ClipFix video tech. It’s your best option for affordable and reliable service. 

Your Plumbing and Heating Responsibilities Made Easy 

Maintenance issues are almost unavoidable. As a landlord, this can be stressful at times.

Knowing your plumbing and heating responsibilities will help you avoid conflict and get the repairs done. And the most affordable way to do this is with a Clipfix plumber.

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