Did you know one-third of British homeowners avoid renovation work out of fear of hiring a rogue trader?

Unfortunately, unlicensed tradespeople can rip off unsuspecting homeowners. 

If you’ve ever hired a rogue trader, you’ll understand how awful the experience can be. And with a huge demand for tradespeople, it’s important to know how to prevent rogue plumbing traders from taking advantage of you. 

Learn more about how to protect yourself here. 

Always Check for Qualifications

A professional plumber must have verified accreditations and qualifications to operate safely and legally. Without proper credentials, you run the risk of hiring someone unqualified to perform the work at hand. 

At Clipfix, we contact our plumbing service providers and arrange to see their certificates. We also speak to their previous clients before welcoming them onboard to ensure they are the best person to carry out the services. 

Be Wary of Full Upfront Payment

Don’t agree to pay a full upfront payment before work has commenced, unless it’s for an hours job or you have previously hired the plumber, don’t ever pay the whole bill at the outset. 

Tradespeople who refuse to start work without full payment are a huge red flag and should be avoided at all costs.

Get a quote instead. And if they ask for a deposit, pay that, and not the total cost. 

Be Cautious of Cheap Quotes 

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. 

When it comes to plumbing repairs, it’s important to get it done right the first time. Otherwise, it can become a costly experience. 

Don’t jump at the cheapest price because it usually means corners have been cut. Ask around and get a few quotes. Take your time and decide which service offers the best value for money.

Avoid Door-Knocking Plumbers

Unsolicited door-knocking is not only annoying but can also be dangerous. Unqualified tradespeople are known to door knock and promise to make repairs only to leave after they have received payment. 

This is an all-too-common scam with the elderly most at risk. Do not let them in to inspect your plumbing and call the police after they leave. 

Remember, professional plumbing services do not seek out business; they wait until you approach them. 

Read Customer Feedback

For many consumers, reading online reviews is now an ingrained habit. Reviews reflect your plumber’s reputation and what they can offer you. 

And don’t just check their company website. Look at third-party review sites that aren’t controlled by the plumbing service. 

Next time you find yourself needing a plumber, check out what others think of them before you dial the number. 

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